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How to search translations of Greek terminology in this forum

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The easiest way to search on this forum is select your language pair from the drop-down menu, i.e. EN⇄EL for English Greek or Greek for Greek monolingual queries.

Using quotation marks when you are searching for a phrase bypasses the error when single characters are contained in the search phrase (i.e. the word "a"). Hence, it is ideal for searching phrases. If you do not want to use quotation marks, and in order to increase the possibility of finding a match, simply omit one-letter words or pronouns. For example,  instead of searching watch your language you can search for watch language (which would match both watch your language and watch one's language if they exist); also, instead of searching catch a nap, you can use catch nap as search words (which would match both catch a nap and catch napping if they exist). I guess you catch the drift (pun intended).

Also, we highly recommend using the Magic search option from the Translatum Search tools tab on the left or the EN-EL MS option from the search dropdown. This tool provides results from numerous online sources (including this forum) in a single page format.

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Update 2020
A new theme was added called "Sunrise". You can also search on a specific board or topic if you are browsing that board or topic. Click on the Context-Sensitive-Search icon on the top right. This is the same functionality as an older version (read below).

Old version: When using the search on top of the forum from the forum index page, the whole forum is searched; when using it from within a specific board, that specific board is searched; when using it from within a specific topic, that specific topic is searched.


The forum search has been modified. Now, when you search you will see a list with subjects of hits highlighted. Clicking on them will scroll down to the topic.

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