PCLOSTrans (GNU/Linux Desktop for Translators)

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GNU/Linux Desktop for Translators
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PCLOS-Trans is excellent.
Peter did a great job of putting together a gnu/linux livecd replete with tools useful to our profession.

I developed a similar project, a smaller/more lightweight system (fluxbox as the default window manager, etc.)
which serves a a good demonstration tool, or for those seeking a lightweight system for older hardware,
or who can not burn a dvd, etc., called
LinguasOS - gnu/linux for translators.

It's been out of development for a while, but I'm considering picking up the project again, soon.
It's nice for trying out some great tools for translators on a gnu/linux system, but not as fully featured as Peter's PCLOS-Trans,
and, not likely as easy to manage for someone completely new to Linux.


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