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Title: Λεξικό για το αλκοόλ και τις λοιπές ψυχοδραστικές ουσίες (ΠΟΥ, Μινέρβα-Μελπομένη Μαλλιώρη)
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Λεξικό για το αλκοόλ και τις λοιπές ψυχοδραστικές ουσίες (ΠΟΥ, Μινέρβα-Μελπομένη Μαλλιώρη)

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Lexicon of alcohol and drug terms (

Provides concise definitions for some 230 terms frequently used by clinicians, researchers, teachers, and others working in the field of substance abuse. Explanatory definitions, often including psychoactive effects, symptomatology, sequelae, and therapeutic indications, are given for each general class of psychoactive drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, and for some related classes. In producing the lexicon, WHO aims to encourage consistency in the use of terms and in the understanding of their meaning. The lexicon also provides a convenient reference to concepts and terminology recommended by WHO. The lexicon defines the main diagnostic categories for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, as well as key concepts in scientific or popular use, the social and health aspects of drug use, and problems related to use. In its coverage of treatment modalities and prevention strategies, the lexicon has aimed to define what is not self-explanatory. General indications are given of the historical position of key concepts related to substance abuse, particularly those that have been given currency by use in WHO publications. Wherever appropriate, relevant diagnostic codes from the Tenth Revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (‎ICD-10)‎ are provided, either for specific terms in the main entries or in the course of their definitions. The volume is a companion to the Lexicon of Psychiatric and Mental Health Terms, which was issued by WHO in its second edition in 1994.