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Title: μήκος άνευ φοράς → standing long jump, standing broad jump
Post by: spiros on 10 Feb, 2020, 13:34:06
μήκος άνευ φοράς → standing long jump, standing broad jump
ύψος άνευ φοράς → standing high jump
τριπλούν άνευ φοράς → standing triple jump

e standing long jump, also known as the standing broad jump, is an athletics event. It was an Olympic event until 1912. It is one of three standing variants of track and field jumping events, which also include the standing high jump and standing triple jump.

In performing the standing long jump, the jumper stands at a line marked on the ground with the feet slightly apart. The athlete takes off and lands using both feet, swinging the arms and bending the knees to provide forward drive. In Olympic rules, the measurement used was the longest of three tries. The jump must be repeated if the athlete falls back or takes a step at take-off.

Ray Ewry set the first world record for the standing long jump at 3.47 m (11 ft 4 1⁄2 in) on September 3, 1904. The current record is held by Byron Jones, who recorded a jump of 3.73 m (12 ft 2 3⁄4 in) at the NFL Combine on February 23, 2015, beating the competition world record of 3.71 m (12 ft 2 in) set by Norwegian shot putter Arne Tvervaag from Ringerike FIK Sportclub in 1968.

da: længdespring uden tilløb; de: Standweitsprung; en: standing long jump; es: salto de longitud en parada; fi: vauhditon pituushyppy; fr: saut en longueur sans élan; he: קפיצה מהמקום; hu: helyből távolugrás; it: salto in lungo da fermo; ja: 立ち幅跳び; ko: 제자리 멀리뛰기; no: lengde uten tilløp; pl: skok w dal z miejsca; sr: скок удаљ без залета; sv: stående längdhopp; zh: 立定跳远