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Add an album artwork

To add an album to the map, type the approximate address in the box below - be as specific as you can - and click the Find button. A red marker will appear in that location. Zoom in and drag the red marker to the exact spot - use the 'satellite' view (by clicking the button at top right) if that helps.

Please check on the list below before adding a new album - duplicate submissions will be deleted.

Your submission must reflect the exact location of the cover photograph, not merely the neighbourhood, or the name of the album, or where it was recorded.

Please provide an interesting description - try and tell us something we don't know! And no personal opinions - we wants facts!

We don't like studio shots or onstage shots much - let's face it, they could be taken anywhere. Photos are much better if they include something you can actually visit in the real world, as if you wanted to recreate the sleeve yourself.

Submissions that ignore these guidelines are likely to be deleted by the Word Magazine map nazis.
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