English German phobias glossary (searchable with Google links, 385 terms)


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ablutophobia Ablutophobie
acarophobia Acarophobie | Akarophobie
acerophobia Acerophobie | Akerophobie
achluophobia Achluophobie
acidophobia Acidophobie
acousticophobia Acousticophobie | Acoustophobie | Akustikophobie
acrophobia Akrophobie | Höhenangst
aeroacrophobia Aeroacrophobie
aeronausiphobia Aeronausiphobie
aerophobia Aerophobie | Flugangst
agaraphobia Agaraphobie
agateophobia Agateophobie
agliophobia Agliophobie
agoraphobia Agoraphobie | Platzangst
agraphobia Agraphobie
agrizoophobia Agrizoophobie
agyrophobia Agyrophobie
aichmophobia Aichmophobie
ailurophobia Ailurophobie | Elurophobie
albuminurophobia Albuminurophobie
alektorophobia Alektorophobie
algophobia Algophobie
alliumphobia Alliumphobie
allodoxaphobia Allodoxaphobie
altophobia Altophobie
amakaphobia Amakaphobie
amathophobia Amathophobie
amaxophobia Amaxophobie | Fahrangst
ambulophobia Ambulophobie
amnesiophobia Amnesiophobie
amychophobia Amychophobie
anablephobia Anablephobie
ancraophobia Ancraophobie
androphobia Androphobie | Männerscheu
anemophobia Anemophobie
anginophobia Anginophobie
Anglophobia Anglophobie | Englandfeindlichkeit | Hass gegen englisches Wesen
ankylophobia Ankylophobie
anthophobia Anthophobie
anthropophobia Menschenscheu | Anthropophobie
antlophobia Antlophobie
apeirophobia Apeirophobie
apiphobia Angst vor Bienen | Apiphobie
aquaphobia Aquaphobie | Wasserangst
arachnephobia Arachnophobie | Spinnenangst | Spinnenfurcht | Spinnenphobie
arachnophobia Arachnophobie | Spinnenangst | Spinnenfurcht | Spinnenphobie
arithmophobia Arithmophobie
asthenophobia Asthenophobie
astraphobia Angst vor Gewitter | Astraphobie
astrapophobia Astrapophobie
astrophobia Astrophobie
ataxophobia Ataxophobie
atelophobia Atelophobie
athazagoraphobia Athazagoraphobie
aurophobia Aurophobie
automatonophobia Automatonophobie
automysophobia Automysophobie
autophobia Autophobie
aviatophobia Flugangst
aviophobia Flugangst
bacillophobia Bazillophobie
bacteriophobia Bakteriophobie
ballistophobia Ballistophobie
basophobia Basophobie
bathmophobia Bathmophobie
bathophobia Bathophobie
batrachophobia Batrachophobie
belonephobia Belonephobie | Nadelangst
bibliophobia Bibliophobie
biphobia Biphobie
blood phobia Blutphobie
body dysmorphia Dysmorphophobie
bromidrosiphobia Bromidrosiphobie
brontophobia Angst vor Gewittern | Brontophobie | Gewitterangst
cainotophobia Kainotophobie
cancerophobia Kanzerophobie | Karzinophobie | Krebsangst
carcinophobia Karzinophobie
cardiophobia Herzangst | Kardiophobie
carnophobia Karnophobie
cat phobia Katzenphobie
cathisophobia Kathisophobie
catoptrophobia Katoptrophobie
chemophobia Chemophobie
cherophobia Cherophobie
chionophobia Chionophobie
chiraptophobia Berührungsangst | Chiraptophobie
chiroptophobia Chiroptophobie
cholerophobia Cholerophobie
chorophobia Chorophobie
Christmas phobia Weihnachtsphobie
chromatophobia Chromatophobie
chromophobia Chromophobie
chronomentrophobia Uhrenphobie
chronophobia Chronophobie
cibophobia Cibophobie
claustrophobia Engegefühl | Platzangst | Raumangst | Klaustrophobie
cleptophobia Kleptophobie
climacophobia Klimakophobie
clithrophobia Klithrophobie
coitophobia Koitophobie
commitment phobia Bindungsphobie | Bindungsangst
computer phobia Angst vor Computern | Computerphobie
conception phobia Konzeptionsfurcht
contreltophobia Contreltophobie
coprophobia Koprophobie
coulrophobia Coulrophobie
cremnophobia Kremnophobie
cryophobia Kryophobie
cyberphobia Cyberphobie
cynophobia Canophobie | Kynophobie
cypridophobia Zypridophobie
decidophobia Entscheidungsangst | Entscheidungsphobie
delusional halitosis Halitophobie
demonophobia Demonophobie
demophobia Demophobie
dental phobia Dentalphobie | Oralophobie | Zahnarztphobie | Zahnbehandlungsphobie | Odontophobie | Dentophobie
dentist phobia Zahnarztphobie | Zahnbehandlungsphobie | Odontophobie | Dentophobie
dentophobia Dentophobie | Zahnbehandlungsphobie | Odontophobie
dermatophobia Dermatophobie
dermatosiophobia Dermatosiophobie
dextrophobia Dextrophobie
diabetophobia Diabetophobie
dikephobia Dikephobie
dinophobia Dinophobie
dipsophobia Dipsophobie
dog phobia Hundephobie
domatophobia Domatophobie
doraphobia Doraphobie
dromophobia Dromophobie
dysmorphophobia Dysmorphophobie
electrophobia Elektrophobie
emetophobia Emetophobie
entomophobia Entomophobie
eosophobia Eosophobie
ephebiphobia Ephebiphobie
equinophobia Equinophobie
eremophobia Eremophobie
ereuthophobia Ereuthophobie
ergasiophobia Arbeitsscheu | Ergasiophobie
ergophobia Angst vor Arbeit | Ergophobie
erotophobia Erotophobie
erythrophobia Erythrophobie
euphobia Angst vor guten Nachrichten
extreme and irrational fear of blood Hemophobie
fear of bats Chiroptophobie
fear of blushing Erythrophobie
fear of clowns Coulrophobie
fear of crossing streets Agyrophobie
fear of dancing Chorophobie
fear of darkness or dark places Lygophobie
fear of flying Flugangst
fear of needles Nadelangst
fear of phobias Phobophobie
fear of Satan Satanophobie
fear of sitting down Kathisophobie
fear of strangers Fremdenangst | Fremdenfurcht
fear of tapeworms Furcht vor Bandwurminfektion
febriphobia Febriphobie
feminophobia Gynäkophobie | Gynophobie
Francophobia Franzosenhass
Frank Marshall Arachnophobia
frog phobia Froschphobie | Ranidaphobie
galeophobia Galeophobie
Gallophobia Franzosenhass | Gallophobie
gamophobia Gamophobie
gelotophobia Gelotophobie
genophobia Genophobie
gephyrophobia Gephyrophobie
gerontophobia Gerontophobie
geumaphobia Geumaphobie
glossophobia Glossophobie
glottophobia Linguizismus
graphophobia Graphophobie
gravidophobia Gravidophobie
gymnophobia Gymnophobie
gynecophobia Gynäkophobie
gynephobia Gynäkophobie | Weiberscheu
gynophobia Gynäkophobie | Gynophobie
hadephobia Hadephobie | Höllenscheu
haemophobia Hemophobie
halitophobia Halitophobie
hamartophobia Hamartophobie
haphephobia Berührungsangst | Haptophobie | Haphephobie
haptephobia Berührungsangst | Haptophobie | Haphephobie | Haptephobie
harpaxophobia Harpaxophobie
hatred of foreigners Ausländerhaß | Ausländerhass
hatred of France, its people and cultur Franzosenhass
health phobia Hypochondrie
heart phobia Herzphobie
hedonophobia Hedonophobie
heliophobia Heliophobie | Lichtscheu
helminthophobia Helminthophobie
hemophobia Blutabscheu | Blutphobie | Hemophobie
herpetophobia Herpetophobie
heterophobia Heterophobie
hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie
hierophobia Hierophobie
hippophobia Hippophobie
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Sesquipedalophobie | Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie
hodophobia Hodophobie
homophobia Homophobie | Schwulenhass
hoplophobia Hoplophobie
hungarophobia Hungarophobie
hyalophobia Hyalophobie
hydrophobia Hydrophobie | Tollwut | Wasserscheu
hydrophobophobia Hydrophobophobie
hygrophobia Hygrophobie
hypnophobia Hypnophobie | Schlafangst
hypsiphobia Hypsiphobie
iatrophobia Iatrophobie
ichthyophobia Ichthyophobie
iconophobia Ikonophobie
ideophobia Ideophobie
idiotophobia Idiotophobie
institutionalised homophobia institutionalisierte Homophobie
iophobia Iophobie
irrational fear of birds Ornithophobie
irrational fear of cats Ailurophobie
irrational fear of dogs Canophobie | Kynophobie
irrational fear of passing urine krankhafte Angst vor dem Wasserlassen
irrational fear of the number 13 Triskaidekaphobie
irrational fear of urine krankhafte Angst vor dem Wasserlassen
Islamophobia Islamhass | Islamophobie
isolophobia Isolophobie
ithyphallophobia Ithyphallophobie
Judaeophobia Judenphobie | Judeophobie
Judeophobia Judenphobie | Judeophobie
kainolophobia Kainolophobie
kainophobia Cainophobie | Kainophobie
kathisophobia Kathisophobie
kenophobia Kenophobie
keraunophobia Keraunophobie
kinesophobia Kinesophobie
kinetophobia Kinetophobie
kleptophobia Kleptophobie
kopophobia Kopophobie
koro syndrome Korophobie
korophobia Korophobie
kosmikophobia Kosmikophobie
laevophobia Laevophobie
lalophobia Lalophobie
lesbophobia Lesbophobie
levophobia Laevophobie | Levophobie
ligyrophobia Ligyrophobie | Phonophobie
lipophobia Lipophobie
logophobia Logophobie
luiphobia Luiphobie
lygophobia Lygophobie
lyssophobia Lyssophobie
macrophobia Makrophobie
maieusiophobia Maieusiophobie
maniaphobia Maniaphobie
matrophobia Matrophobie
mechanophobia Mechanophobie
melissophobia Melissophobie
melophobia Melophobie
meningitophobia Meningitophobie
menophobia Menophobie
merinthophobia Merinthophobie
metallophobia Metallophobie
microbiophobia Mikrobiophobie
microphobia Mikrophobie
molysmophobia Molysmophobie
monopathophobia Monopathophobie
monophobia Monophobie
mottephobia Mottephobie | Mottenphobie
musophobia Musophobie
mysophobia Ansteckungsphobie | Mysophobie
mythophobia Mythophobie
necrophobia Nekrophobie | Todesangst
neophobia Neophobie
no-mobile-phone phobia Nomophobie
nomophobia Nomophobie
nosophobia Nosophobie
nostophobia Nostophobie
nudophobia Nudophobie
numerophobia Numerophobie
nyctophobia Nyktophobie
ochlophobia Ochlophobie
octophobia Octaphobie | Octophobie | Oktophobie
odontophobia Odontophobie
odynophobia Odynophobie
oikophobia Oikophobie
olfactophobia Olfactophobie | Olfaktophobie
ombrophobia Ombrophobie
onomatophobia Onomatophobie
ophidiophobia Ophidiophobie
ornithophobia Ornithophobie
osmophobia Osmophobie
paedophobia Pädophobie
panphobia Panphobie
pantophobia Pantophobie
paralipophobia Paralipophobie
parasitophobia Parasitophobie
paraskavedekatriaphobia Angst vor Freitag dem 13 | Paraskavedekatriaphobie
parthenophobia Parthenophobie
pathological fear of tuberculosis Phthiseophobie
pathophobia Pathophobie
pediculophobia Pedikulophobie
pediophobia Pädiophobie
pedophobia Pädophobie
peladophobia Peladophobie
peniaphobia Peniaphobie
pentheraphobia Pentheraphobie
phagophobia Phagophobie
pharmacophobia Pharmakophobie
phengophobia Phengophobie
phobia krankhafte Angst | Phobie
phobiatic angstgestört
phobophobia Phobophobie
phonophobia Phonophobie
photophobia Fotophobie | Lichtscheu | Photophobie
phthiriophobia Phthiriophobie
phthisiophobia Phthiseophobie | Phthisiophobie
plutophobia Plutophobie
pluviophobia Regenscheu
podophobia Podophobie
pogonophobia Pogonophobie
polyphobia Polyphobie
ponophobia Ponophobie
proctophobia Proktophobie
psychophobia Psychophobie
psychrophobia Psychrophobie
pyrexiophobia Pyrexiophobie
pyrophobia Pyrophobie
radiophobia Radiophobie | Strahlenangst
ranidaphobia Froschphobie | Ranidaphobie
rectophobia Rektophobie
rhabdophobia Rhabdophobie
rhypophobia Rhypophobie | Verschmutzungsfurcht
rupophobia Rupophobie
Russophobia Russophobie
satanophobia Satanophobie
school phobia Schulangst | Schulphobie
scopophobia Skopophobie
scotophobia Dunkelheitsangst | Skotophobie
Serbophobia antiserbische Stimmung
sesquipedalophobia Sesquipedalophobie | Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie
sexual phobia Sexualangst
siderodromophobia Siderodromophobie
simple phobia einfache Phobie
sitophobia Sitophobie
Slavophobia Antislawismus | Slawenfeindlichkeit
social phobia soziale Phobie| Sozialphobie | Soziophobie
sophophobia Sophophobie
spectrophobia Spektrophobie
spheksophobia Angst vor Wespen | Spheksophobie
stasophobia Stasophobie
superhydrophobia Superhydrophobie
symbolophobia Symbolophobie
syphilophobia Syphilidophobie | Syphilophobie
taeniophobia Taeniophobie | Teniophobie
taphophobia Taphephobie
taurophobia Taurophobie
technophobia Technikfeindlichkeit | Technophobie
teniophobia Furcht vor Bandwurminfektion | Teniophobie
teratophobia Teratophobie
tetanophobia Tetanophobie
tetraphobia Tetraphobie
thalassophobia Thalassophobie
thanatophobia Thanatophobie
theophobia Theophobie
thermophobia Thermophobie
tocophobia Tokophobie
tonitrophobia Tonitrophobie
topophobia Topophobie
touch phobia Berührungsfurcht
toxicophobia Toxikophobie
toxiphobia Toxiphobie
transphobia Transphobie
traumatophobia Traumatophobie
tremophobia Tremophobie
trichinophobia Trichinophobie
trichopathophobia Trichopathophobie
trichophobia Trichophobie
triskaidekaphobia Triskaidekaphobie
trypanophobia Spritzenangst | Trypanophobie
tuberculophobia Tuberkulophobie
urophobia krankhafte Angst vor dem Wasserlassen | Urophobie
verbophobia Wortscheu
verminophobia Verminophobie
xanthophobia Xanthophobie
xenophobia Abneigung gegen Fremde | Ausländerhaß | Ausländerhass | Fremdenangst | Fremdenfeindlichkeit | Fremdenfurcht | irrationaler Fremdenhass | Ausländerfeindlichkeit | Angst vor Fremden | Furcht vor Fremden | Xenophobie
xerophobia Xerophobie
zelophobia Zelophobie
zoophobia Zoophobie

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