defense industrial base (DIB) → βιομηχανική βάση άμυνας, αμυντική βιομηχανική βάση


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defense industrial base (DIB) → βιομηχανική βάση άμυνας
defense industrial and technological base → (DITB)  τεχνολογική και βιομηχανική βάση άμυνας
base industrielle et technologique de défense

The term defense industrial base (or DIB), also known as the defense industrial and technological base, is used in political science to refer to a government's industrial assets that are of direct or indirect importance for the production of equipment for a country's armed forces. It is loosely associated with realism, which views the state as the preponderant guarantor of security, and frequently features as an element of grand strategy and defense policy, as well as diplomacy.
Defense industrial base - Wikipedia


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