dead weight → νεκρό βάρος, νεκρό φορτίο, απόβαρο, ίδιο βάρος, ίδιον βάρος, βάρος σφαγίου, αδρανής μάζα, μεγάλο βάρος, βάρος, βάσανος, φορτίο, χωρητικότητα εκτοπίσματος


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dead weight → νεκρό φορτίο, βάρος σφαγίου

Unremitting heavy weight that does not move.
(nautical) The largest weight of cargo a ship is able to carry; i.e, the weight of a ship when fully loaded minus its weight when empty.
(construction) Dead load.
(figuratively) That which is useless or excess; that which slows something down.
She wants to shed the dead weight of so many stacks of old clutter.
dead weight - Wiktionary

Danish: dødvægt c
Finnish: kuollut paino (fi)
French: poids mort (fr) m
Bokmål: dødvekt m or f, daudvekt m or f
Nynorsk: dødvekt f, daudvekt f
Portuguese: peso morto (pt) m
Serbo-Croatian: balast (sh) m, mrtav teret m

Finnish: painolasti (fi), riippakivi (fi), taakka (fi)
French: poids mort (fr) m, boulet (fr) m
Hungarian: kolonc (hu)
Polish: balast (pl) m
Russian: балла́ст (ru) m (ballást)
Turkish: ayak bağı (tr), köstek (tr)
Vietnamese: của nợ
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