Under the Needle: Poetry thrives in a downturn


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Under the Needle: Poetry thrives in a downturn


The good thing about being a poet is that it is impossible to have an economic downturn. That would mean that at some point there might have been an upturn. Not that Ed Skoog is complaining.


As one of Hugo House's current two writers-in-residence – the other is Angela Jane Fountas – Skoog has it better than many professional poets. The critically acclaimed, much published poet has a stipend, an office, enthusiastic students and projects he's excited about. And he's back in Seattle, where a decade ago he spent less-than-formative years as a writer for Microsoft.

Not exactly breeding ground for the poetic arts, true. Even more so when writing copy for a CD-ROM-based travel guide, Streets & Trips. "I worked very hard on an article about Milwaukee," Skoog, 37, said, laughing. "I'm not sure it ever saw the light of day."

But the job did two things. The Topeka, Kan., native learned he loved Seattle and he learned he needed to leave it. The town was booming then, and it was easy to get good paying work, even for writers. Yet it lacked something else.

"It was easy to live in Seattle," Skoog said.

It was crazy, but not the right kind of crazy. Everyone was making money. You'd be a fool not to be making good money.

"But I preferred to be a fool."

So what better place than one that celebrates the Feast of the Fool? It was in New Orleans that Skoog found lesser income and a richer life.

Settling in one of the city's most notorious and flood-prone neighborhoods, Hollygrove, Skoog found himself in an unusual position – on the outside of a society looking in.


Full article at: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/389986_needle29.html
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