french neologism for link directory: cybergraphie

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We are searching to construct a french word in the family of "bibliographie", "iconographie", etc. for a list of links to internet at the end of an article or a book.
Some people propose "dictyographie" but that seems to be improper because there is just one net.
I'd like "apsidographie" (from apsis, "node of a net" (Homer, Il. 5.487) but this root is not understandable by French people (with a very different meaning it gives us the word "abside") ; "epigraphie" would be simpler (too simple ?) by haplology of an "epigraphographie".
How would you say for such a list in modern greek ?
Any idea for a french word based on ancient Greek ?
Thanks in advance,
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Hi, menegos. In Greek "link" is translated as "syndesmos", so a word like "syndesmographia" ("syndesmographie") would be possible, I guess. As long as you can pronounce it.


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Thanks, frem.
But you're right, the word would be quite strange ! I'll choose probably a simple "Liens utiles" ...


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The word 'webographie' is already quite popular, but it is quite valid to use the less popular 'cybergraphie', which does have both its roots firmly based in Greek.


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