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Accessible Archives

It's a little known ATA resource, but one that everyone should know about. As a benefit of membership, ATA members have unlimited online access to back issues of The ATA Chronicle. The archives, from February 2000 to the present, are available as PDF files.

You can research terminology, find glossaries, review translation memory tools, or learn how someone else handled a project just like the one on your desk. You can show students the real world of industry trends and career options. You can track down all the past articles in a specialty you're considering adding to your résumé. And if you've misplaced your copy of the latest Chronicle, you can login through members-only and have a good read without the paper.

The electronic version of The ATA Chronicle does not replace the print copy, but it does mean you don't have to turn your desk upside down looking for that article published back in 2002.

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