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Do you have a list of FAQs and indexes on this forum?
Help on the usage of this forum
The Rules Please read before posting
What's new Keep upbreast of all the stuff that is happening in translatum.
— Frequently Asked Questions on Working as a Translator in Greece
Tips on using computers
— FAQ and useful topics for SDL Trados Translators Workbench, TagEditor, Multiterm, WinAlign
Το Εγκόλπιο της ορθής γραφής Κείμενο του Δ. Ν. Μαρωνίτη με σημειώματα για τη χρήση της γλώσσας
Εσείς γλωσσεύετε την μπέρδα σας; Γλωσσικά σημειώματα
Ανθολογία: Οι ποιητές της Θεσσαλονίκης τον 20ό αιώνα και ως σήμερα (thanks to wings)
Foreign Music Index (thanks to Ion)
French grammar and usage - Index | Index of poetry from around the world | Quotations index → Ευρετήριο αποφθεγμάτων | Ευρετήριο ελληνικής ποίησης (thanks to Frederique)
Translation blunders Μεταφραστικά «μαργαριτάρια»
Μεταφρασμένα σονέτα του  Σαίξπηρ

I am looking for such and such specialized glossary (from/into Greek)
Read here

How do I search for already translated terms?
For terminology search, we highly recommend using the Magic search option from the Translatum tools tab on the left. For forum-specific procedures, refer to How to search translations of Greek terminology in this forum

How do I ask a terminology question?
Once you have registered, go to the appropriate board for your language pair and specialization, click Start new topic add in the subject line your word or phrase, add in the body of the message any further details or context, and click Post.

I am looking for tattoo suggestions in Ancient Greek
Feel free to read through the topic Tattoos and Ancient Greek and also check out the posts in the English to ancient Greek translation board.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?
Use the remind password feature. You need to enter your user name or email.

I cannot find my post
Maybe your post was merged or moved. You can always find your posts by going to Profile > My posts.

How do I hide my email address so that I do not get spam?
Go to ProfileAccount Related Settings → and check Hide email address from public?
Note, that it is hidden by default. Only you can see it in your profile. Read more about this.

How to translate Greeklish text (Greek in Latin characters) using machine translation?
Read this post

How do I switch to Greek?
Go to Profile→Account Related Settings→Preferred Language and select Greek.

How do I type in Greek?
Download Greek fonts.

I cannot view / type / print Greek on the forum. What do I have to do?
It depends on your platform. Check out this page for help Download Greek fonts - Read, Print, Type, Browse in Greek, Explorer

I cannot send PMs (personal messages)/ view member profiles
This feature is currently disabled.

I cannot attach an image or file on post
Not all users have attachment rights. You can upload your file or image in a free service and link it from your post. See Free online file and image storage - upload your files!. For detailed instructions read this: Πώς κάνεις copy, paste μια φωτογραφία σε μήνυμα η προσωπικό μήνυμα

How  do I hyperlink a word or phrase?
Let's say you want to hyperlink the word Translatum.
1. You select it
2. You click on the hyperlink icon  [ ]  (second from the left on the bottom row). When you do that you will see:

Code: [Select]
3. Your next step is to add before the closing bracket in the initial url tag an equal ( = ) sign and immediately afterwards your URL address:

Code: [Select]

And the result will be the following hyperlink:


The url tag creates an external hyperlink (opens in a new page). If you want a hypelink to open in the same page (i.e. when it links to another page in the forum) use the tag iurl instead:

Code: [Select]

This gives you a hyperlink opening in the same window:

Please note: For a plain link (without hyperlinked text) you need not follow the above procedure, you simply paste the link. If you follow the above procedure the results will probably be a very long link as URL trimming is not enabled in this case.

How  do I create a Google search for a word or phrase?
1. You select the word or phrase
2. You click on the Google icon  [ ]  (third from the left on the bottom row).

How  do I add my signature so that it appears automatically in every post?
Go to Profile - Forum Profile Information - Signature field. Add up to 3 lines with your name, title and perhaps a link to your site. You can also hyperlink a word. For example:

Code: [Select]
Spiros Doikas
[url=https://www.translatum.gr/cv.htm]Greek Translator[/url]

This will appear as:

Spiros Doikas
Greek Translator

Replace the URL with yours and replace the Greek Translator with your text.

What are the responsibilities of a moderator?
Ποιος είναι ο ρόλος των συντονιστών;

How do I change the forum time?
To change the time to your local time you have to go to your profile→Look and Layout Preferences→ Time Offset → Change this value with plus and minus signs, i.e. for US time it would be something like +8 depending on where in the States you live. The default forum time is Greek time (GMT+2).

Thus, if you live anywhere in the world you can customize it according to your locale.

How do I hide the boards I am not interested in?
If you want you can collapse (and then expand) those "boards" which do not interest you. For example you can click on the arrow next to "General Discussion" category in order to hide all its boards.
You may also click on the arrow next to the "Home" button to hide the "user info", "news box" and "key stats" boxes.

Why my name appears in such and such colour?
Black - Newbie, 0-100 posts
Blue - Junior member, 100-300 posts
Green - Full member, 300-600 posts
Orange - Senior member 600-1200 posts
Red - Hero member 1200+ posts

What do the stars on my profile mean?
one star - Newbie, 0-100 posts
two stars - Junior member, 100-300 posts
three stars - Full member, 300-600 posts
four stars - Senior member 600-1200 posts
five stars - Hero member 1200+ posts
five green stars - Board moderator
five blue stars - Global moderator
five red stars - Administator

How do I add my picture?
Go to Profile → Forum Profile Information and at the "I have my own pic:" field add the URL of your picture. This means you need to have a picture of yourself uploaded somewhere. To find its URL simply right click on it and select "Properties" and then select with the mouse the address as it is displayed next to the "Address: URL" field.
Read more about this.

How do I use RSS from this forum?
Read this about RSS.

Do you have any help regarding the use of this forum?
Read the forum help.

How do I insert Greek quotation marks?
Ελληνικά εισαγωγικά - Εισαγωγή ελληνικών εισαγωγικών σε φόρουμ → Ctrl+Alt+[ και Ctrl+Alt+].

How do I add text in two columns (i.e. source and translation)?
Read here

Do you have statistics per language pair?
Forum language pairs stats (number of topics)
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