Convert your blog (wordpress, blogger or other xml export file) to a book (pdf or doc)

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Blogbooker now only exports for free first 30 pages.

Use this for offline conversion:

WordPress2Doc – How to convert WordPress articles into Word and PDF documents

Convert your blog (wordpress, blogger or other xml export file) to a book (pdf or doc)

Excellent and free service, highly recommended. Works for Greek text (at least for a Wordpress export I tested). In the export options just use English. It converts to pdf which you can then convert to doc using a pdf to doc converter. Some instances of polytonic text had the accented characters removed. Save as rtf from Acrobat or copy/paste to Word had major issues with Greek characters.

BlogBooker produces a high-quality PDF Blog Book from all your blog's entries and comments.
Archives can be generated from any blog running on WordPress, LiveJournal (and derivatives) or Blogger.

The whole process takes about 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of your blog.

How does it work ?
You submit an export file provided by your blog system to BlogBooker.
Your file is verified and all linked images are fetched.
Entries, Comments and Images are assembled into a high-quality PDF.
PDF is provided without any restriction and thus can be submitted for printing to third-parties.
BlogBooker - From your Blog to a Book
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