sleeper hit → μεταχρονισμένη επιτυχία, ετεροχρονισμένη επιτυχία, μη αναμενόμενη επιτυχία, επιτυχία με καθυστέρηση, σουξέ με καθυστέρηση, που δεν φαινόταν ότι θα γίνει επιτυχία


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sleeper hit → μη αναμενόμενη επιτυχία

In the entertainment industry, a sleeper hit is a film, television series, music release, video game, or some other entertainment product that was initially unsuccessful on release but became a success later on. A sleeper hit may have little promotion or lack a successful launch but gradually develops a fan following that garners it media attention, which in turn increases its public exposure and public interest in the product.
Sleeper hit - Wikipedia


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