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Title: bornavirus → μπορναϊός
Post by: spiros on 23 Aug, 2021, 08:45:06
bornavirus → μπορναϊός
Borna disease → νόσος Μπόρνα
sad horse disease → νόσος Μπόρνα, νόσος θλιμμένων αλόγων
Borna disease virus 1 (BoDV-1) → ιός 1 νόσου Μπόρνα
Borna disease virus 2 (BoDV-2) → ιός 2 νόσου Μπόρνα

Borna disease was first identified in 1926 and its genome was isolated in 1990. The ICTV proposed the creation in 1996 of the family Bornaviridae along with the genus Bornavirus (today Orthobornavirus). The viral family is named after the city of Borna in Saxony, Germany, which is where many animals were lost to the sporadic encephalopathy caused by the viral disease.
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Bornaviridae - Wikipedia (