oxygen tent -> σκηνή οξυγόνου, κουβούκλιο οξυγόνου


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oxygen tent -> κουβούκλιο οξυγόνου
oxygen hood -> κάσκα οξυγόνου
head box -> κάσκα οξυγόνου, κιβώτιο τροφοδοσίας, μονάδα συνδέσεων

An oxygen tent consists of a canopy placed over the head and shoulders, or over the entire body of a patient to provide oxygen at a higher level than normal. Some devices cover only a part of the face. Oxygen tents are sometimes confused with altitude tents as used by athletes and those looking to acclimatize to a higher altitude, but those contain a reduced oxygen content.
Oxygen tent - Wikipedia
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