breakthrough infection → μετεμβολιαστική λοίμωξη, εκδήλωση λοίμωξης μετά από εμβολιασμό, εκδήλωση λοίμωξης παρά τον εμβολιασμό, εκδήλωση της νόσου παρά τον εμβολιασμό, λοίμωξη παρά τον εμβολιασμό, λοίμωξη σε εμβολιασμένο άτομο, λοίμωξη διαφυγής


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breakthrough infection → εκδήλωση λοίμωξης παρά τον εμβολιασμό, εκδήλωση της νόσου παρά τον εμβολιασμό, λοίμωξη διαφυγής

A breakthrough infection is a case of illness in which a vaccinated individual becomes sick from the same illness that the vaccine is meant to prevent. Simply, they occur when vaccines fail to provide immunity against the pathogen they are designed to target. Breakthrough infections have been identified in individuals immunized against a variety of different diseases including Mumps, Varicella (Chicken Pox), and Influenza. The character of breakthrough infections is dependent on the virus itself. Often, the infection in the vaccinated individual results in milder symptoms and is of a shorter duration than if the infection was contracted naturally.
Breakthrough infection - Wikipedia

Translation blunder: breakthrough infections → πρωτοποριακές λοιμώξεις, πρωτοφανείς λοιμώξεις
breakthrough pain (BTP) → παροξυσμικός πόνος

ar: عدوى اختراق; bn: ব্যূহভেদী সংক্রমণ; de: Impfdurchbruch, Durchbruchinfektion; en: breakthrough infection, postvaccination infection, post-vaccination infection; es: infección posvacunación; fr: infection postvaccinale, infection post-vaccinale; it: infezione postvaccinale; ja: 打ち抜き感染; ko: 돌파 감염; ro: infecție postvaccinare; simple: breakthrough infection; sv: genombrottsinfektion; vi: nhiễm trùng đột phá; zh_yue: 突破性感染; zh: 突破性感染
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