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White Turks
Beyaz Türkler → λευκοί Τούρκοι, Λευκότουρκοι
Black Turks
Kara Türkler
Siyah Türkler

White Turks (Turkish: Beyaz Türkler) is a term used in Turkey for the urban population that embraced or directly benefited from Turkey’s modernization, and whose interests have in turn gradually detached from the plight of the greater rural and conservative population. They are often generalized as embodying an amalgam of leftist, secular, Western, Republican values, however this is up to debate. White Turks are in contrast to the so-called Black Turks (Turkish: Kara Türkler or Siyah Türkler), a name for the conservative, Islamic, and typically less privileged among the originally rural Anatolian population. The two terms are related to the emergence of a middle class since the end of the 20th century, and is an expression of elite consciousness and also a contempt for a section of the population which is seen as backwards. Civilizing efforts had been part of the imagination of all Turkish elites since the Tanzimat reforms.
White Turks - Wikipedia

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