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Title: μεσόδοκον -> crossbeam, tie-beam, zona, trabes
Post by: spiros on 16 Jan, 2019, 00:09:40
Crossbeam / cross-beam:

In LSJ it is listed as zona, trabes. Rather obscure and not very English.
I am inclined to thing that it is more like a tie-beam or a rafter.


the main beam laid across the space between the walls forming the base for the principal rafters and their support.
The Britannia Lexicon (

A horizontal beam forming the base of a triangular truss for a pitched roof, connecting the two side walls and supporting a pair of principals.


timber, beam, rafter
tree trunk

Μονόδοκος, μεσόδοκος, η τράβα
Σελίδα. 88 τέλος

τράβα θηλυκό
υποστήριγμα - δοκός στέγης