Author Topic: σπερματικός λόγος  (Read 2333 times)


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σπερματικός λόγος
« on: 19 Jan, 2007, 20:45:34 »
According to the article I'm reading, this is a Stoic concept

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Re: σπερματικὸς λόγος
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It is indeed. Look up "logos spermatikos" (seminal word). How can we help?


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Re: σπερματικὸς λόγος
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logos spermatikos or spermatic logos or seed logos.

The ancient Stoic conception of the Logos spermatikos, the seed-power or divine reason or plan behind every sperma or seed of life, is pertinent. From this originating Logos or Word come myriads of individual logoi spermatikoi, children seed-powers, each bearing within it the primal reason (logos) or fire of spirit. The Logos is One, but to fulfill the work of creation, of molding "gross matter into the things that are to be," there are countless minor logoi, indestructible seed-powers which are, as it were, spirits or deities, spread throughout the universe, everywhere shaping, peopling, designing, multiplying; they are activities of fiery spirit working through tension in its highest development. But the seed-power of the universe [Logos spermatikos] comprehends in itself all the individual seed-powers [logoi spermatikoi]; they are begotten of it, and shall in the end return to it. Thus in the whole work of creation and re-absorption we see the work of one Zeus, one divine Word, one all-pervading spirit. -- E. Vernon Arnold, Roman Stoicism, pp. 161-2
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