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[1] estratto secco titolato (e.s. tit.) -> dry extract titrated

[2] Chi po, non vo, chi vo, non po, chi sa, non fa; chi fa, non sa, e cosi, male il mondo va -> Who can do, doesn’t want to; who wants to, can’t do; who knows how to do, won’t do it; who does it, doesn’t know how to. That's why the world goes wrong.

[3] beta-lattamasi a spettro esteso -> extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)

[4] sonnolenza post-prandiale -> postprandial somnolence, food coma, carb coma

[5] colonna coclide -> spiral column, coclide column

[6] ultrasuoni focalizzati ad alta intensità -> high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), focused ultrasound (FUS)

[7] vigile attesa -> watchful waiting, watch and wait (WAW)

[8] fremito vocale tattile (FVT) -> tactile fremitus, pectoral fremitus, tactile vocal fremitus, vocal fremitus

[9] antifurto nebbiogeno -> security smoke, security fog, smoke screen


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