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[1] Αγαπημένα μας αποφθέγματα μελών του φόρουμ

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[3] Όσο πιο καλά πηγαίνουν τα πράγματα που κάνετε, τόσοι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι σας μισούν. Είναι τρελό.

[4] How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

[5] Every account of a higher power that I've seen described, of all religions that I've seen, include many statements with regard to the benevolence of that power. When I look at the universe and all the ways the universe wants to kill us, I find it hard to reconcile that with statements of beneficence.

[6] A most important feature is the analysis of the information that comes your way. And that's what I don't see enough of in this world. There's a level of gullibility that leaves people susceptible to being taken advantage of. I see science literacy as kind of a vaccine against charlatans who would try to exploit your ignorance.

[7] To speak plain language and not by parables. We are the pieces and heaven plays the game. We are played together in a baby-game upon the chess-board of existence. And one by one we return to the box of non-existence.

[8] Για να μιλήσουμε ξεκάθαρα και δίχως περιστροφές. Είμαστε τα πιόνια της παρτίδας που παίζουν οι ουράνιες δυνάμεις. Διασκεδάζουν μαζί μας στη σκακιέρα της ύπαρξης. Και κατόπιν επιστρέφουμε ένας ένας στην κοιτίδα της ανυπαρξίας.

[9] Μου δώσατε μια κατάρα, Άγιοι Πατέρες, σας δίνω κι εγώ μια ευχή: σας εύχομαι να 'ναι η συνείδησή σας τόσο καθαρή, όσο είναι η δική μου και να 'στε τόσο ηθικοί και θρήσκοι όσο είμαι εγώ.


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