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Technical/Engineering (El-En)


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[1] στροφή τριών σημείων -> three-point turn, Y-turn, K-turn, broken U-turn

[2] σκυλιέρα -> dog kennel, dog cage

[3] αψιδότυπος -> wooden framework built to support an arch during construction, centering, centring, centre, center

[4] αφαψίδωση -> removal of arch formwork

[5] εργολάβος οικοδομών -> building contractor, contractor, real-estate developer, real estate developer, developer

[6] αναμαρμάρωση -> restoration of marbles

[7] Σχολή Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας (ΣΠΟΑ) -> Civil Aviation Training School, Civil Aviation Authority Training School

[8] πιλότος ελικοπτέρου -> helicopter pilot, heli pilot, chopper pilot

[9] εταιρεία μετακομίσεων -> moving firm, moving company, removal firm, removal company, removals company, removalist


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