Translation blunder: throw me a bone here → ρίξε μου ένα κόκαλο


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Translation blunder: throw me a bone → ρίξε μου ένα κόκαλο

— Friends episode (season 8, episode 13) - The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
Σχόλιο: Ιδιωματική φράση που αποδόθηκε κυριολεκτικά και δεν θα έλεγε ποτέ σε τέτοια συμφραζόμενα ένας Έλληνας.

throw me a bone → δώσε κάτι, δώσε μου κάτι, δώσε μου κάτι κι εμένα, πες κάτι, δώσε έστω και κάτι λίγο, δώσε μου ένα στοιχείο, ρίξε ένα κοκαλάκι, πέτα μου ένα κόκαλο, λίγο οίκτο, λυπήσου με λίγο, δείξε λίγο κατανόηση, κάνε μου τη χάρη, στο πηγάδι κατούρησα, στο πηγάδι κατούρησα εγώ, καλά εγώ δεν αξίζω τίποτα, καλά εγώ δεν αξίζω τίποτε, τόσο για την ξεφτίλα μ' έχεις, τόσο για την ξεφτίλα είμαι, τόσο για την ξεφτίλα είμαι εγώ, για πέταμα είμαι εγώ, τόσο του πεταματού με έχεις, τόσο του πεταματού μ' έχεις, δεν αξίζω τίποτα εγώ δηλαδή, δεν αξίζω τίποτε εγώ δηλαδή

- Joey, I know.
- What?

- I know.
- What?

- I know about your feelings.
- Oh, my God, you do?

I'm sorry. Things worked out for
Chandler and Monica, but that's rare.

I know. And this is so much more
complicated than it was for those guys.

I mean, it's Rachel, for God's sakes.

For God's sakes, it's Rachel!

I know! She's not only my friend,
she's my pregnant friend.

She's my pregnant friend
who's Ross 'ex!

Yeah, that's Rachel.

Beat me over the head with it.

What am I gonna do? I keep trying
to get rid of these feelings.

I stayed up all last night and made a list
of everything I don't like about her.

- You wanna hear it?
- Yeah.

"She made me switch to light mayo."
That's it! That's all I got!

You know what? Tastes the same
and my pants fit better.

Joey, I think you're getting upset for
nothing. This is probably just a crush.

You think?

Absolutely. You get this rush
of feelings, but then it goes away.

Yeah, just a crush.
That's all this is. It's a crush!

I'm Joey. I don't get deep feelings.

There you go.
Crushes happen all the time.

I know I've had them for all you guys.
Except for Ross and Chandler.

- And I'm sure you've had them for us.
- Not really.

Throw me a bone here.
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