menstruation [synonyms]


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menstruation [synonyms]

Wherever possible it is indicated whether the terms in American are used by men or women, and any further clues as to their source are also shown.

English. Out of this world (m-sp, entertainment). In season (m-sp). Really slick (m-sp, entertainment). My red-headed aunt from Red Bank (m-sp, USMC). She’s covering the waterfront (m-sp). All’s not quiet on the waterfront (m-sp). Mickey Mouse is kaput (m-sp, USA-Signal Corps, Germany). The machine is kaput (m-sp, USA-Signal Corps, Germany). People come to visit her (w-sp, Mid-West). She had to stay home today, you know (w-sp, Missouri). She ain’t well today (w-sp, Missouri). Flying the mainsail (m-sp, USMS). The nuisance (w-sp). Off-day (w-sp). The thing (w-sp). My friend is here (w-sp, WAC). After the manner of women (w-sp, Minnesota). Nature (w-sp). Vapors (w-sp,Minnesota). Indisposed (w-sp). Knocked up (w-sp). Well, I’m not going to be a grandmother (w-sp, NYCity). The red curse (w-sp). I am sick (w-sp). It’s a red letter day (w-sp). The Campbells are coming (w-sp; can also be sung, or tune hummed). Grandma is coming; Grandma is here and she’s a pain in the neck; Grandma’s leaving, dear old soul; Grandma’s leaving, thank God (w-sp). Little sister’s here (w-sp). Period. That certain time (w-sp). To be suffering from the monthly sickness (w-sp). To have the monthlies. To have a visit from Aunt Jane or Susie (w-sp). To be a woman (w-sp). To become a lady (w-sp). To be off (w-sp). To be hit (w-sp). To fall off( or be off) the roof, to fall off, or off, or off the roof (w-sp). To be unwell (w-sp, passe). To have the curse (w-sp, the most common term). Her time (w-sp). The rat (‘because it gnaws at your vitals;’ w-sp, WAC). The hammock is swinging (w-sp, WAC). I’m Bloody Mary today (w-sp, WAC). Flying Baker (m-sp, Navy). Snatch box decorated with red roses (m-sp, Navy, USCG). The rag on, or the rag (m-sp, almost universal term). Ketchup (m-sp). Too much sorority juice down there (m-sp). Manhole cover (m-sp, USAAF). Monthly period (both m-sp and w-sp). Monthly cycle (m & w-sp). Country cousin (w-sp). The girl friend, to have the girl friend (w-sp). The pip (w-sp). Visitor from the shore. Riding the cotton bicycle. Have the flag up. Red tummy ache. The cramps, or cramps (w-sp). Have a visitor or company. In the box. Off the floor. Going off. Woman’s Home Companion. Flow. Entertaining the general. GDN-God-damned nuisance. Troubles. Resting. Women’s complaint. Sprained ankle. Under the weather. Tin-can fever. Little Willie. The plague. Regular (w-sp). Unwell (w-sp). Aunt Emma from Reading (m-sp). She’s got the bloody monthlies (m-sp, Missouri). The Red Sea’s out. Grandma is here from Red Creek (m-sp). The chick is a communist (m-sp, musician). The flag’s up (m-sp, musician). Blood and Sand (m-sp, musician). Her cherry is in sherry (m-sp, musician). Iceboxed (m-sp, musician). The gal’s at the stockyards (m-sp, musician). She’s runnin’ red (m-sp, musician). Dirty red (m-sp, musician). I’ve got my flowers (w-sp, retired prostitute from the Barbary Coast). The collywobbles (w-sp). I fell down and broke my leg (w-sp). Granny rag (m-sp). Field Day (m-sp). The floods (NE). She has her flag out (m-sp). She’s riding the rag (m-sp).
French. J’ai Ia visite de Mlle. Rachel. Epoques. Periodiques. Fins de mois. La femme a son tailleur. A voir son mois. Une bande sur l’affiche. Echeances. Vendages.
Etre mal sur soi. Avoir ses brouilleries. J’ai Jacques en journee. J’ai Martin. J’ai Frant;ois. A voir les Anglais a ses trousses. A voir les chemises rouges. Ecraser des tomates. Passer Ia Mer Rouge. Faire rouge. Menstrues. Sangs. Les regles. Avoir les circonstances. Avoir les affaires. Avoir les ordinaires. Avoir ses histoires. Neuvieme matinee des cholieres. Etre Ia Promenade a Nice. La lune croit, ou le moment de Ia lune est arrive. Les Garibaldiens. Cardinales. Les Anglais ont debarques, ou sont arrives, ou avoir les Anglais. J’ai les parents a Montrouge. Avoir les peintres. Repousser les Boers. Avoir ses culottes frant;aises. Bouton de rose. Faire fleurs de fleuers. Sauce tomate. Rougets. Fleurs rouges.
Italian. II mese. ‘E fatta donna. Ragione. Ordinarri. ‘N cammarata. Scugnariri lu nasu. Essiri tempa di murigghia. Marchese ‘donna immardu sata.’ Fiore-frole. La casa piscia rosso. Cammina rosso: la vita cammina rosso. Bagaglie. II marchase magnifico. M’ venuto. Sangue. Visita. Stramitari. Sforii. Scindoria. Ricorsi, (corsi).
Ricorrenza. Rengole.
German. Der Konig. Das schlechte sieben. Die monatliche Zeit. Die Zeit. Geschichte. Die Regel. Historia. Einen Brief erhalten. Sauerei. Schweinerei. Der rote Konig. Besuch von den roten Tante aus Potsdam, Cottbus, etc. Friederich Barbarossa. ‘Rosary.’ Yiddish. Ix ob bakimen’s peke. Di cait. Di monatlixe cait. A gast in haus. Der roite kenig. Der kenig. Main pekl cures.
Polish. Czas ‘time.’ Menstruacia. To read a book. Ciotka ‘aunt.’ To have a guest. Ciecka ‘something is leaking, flow.’ Miesionezka.
Irish-English. Flowers. To be in season.


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