Pink Martini - Hey, Eugene! (lyrics & video)


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Hey, Eugene!

Hey, Eugene, do you remember me?
I'm that chick you danced with two times through the Roofers album Friday night at that party
I never knew A: where your skinhead friend passed out for several hours on the bathroom floor and you told me
You weren't that drunk, and that I was your favourite salsa dancer you had ever come across in New York city

I said hello, Eugene
Are you there Eugene

Hey, Eugene, then we kissed once we lobbed your friend into the elevator and went to write my number on a soggy paper towel
And the car went down
And when we were finished making out we noticed that your skinhead friend was gone. Long gone.
And you looked into my bloodshot eyes and said "Is it too soon if I call you Sunday?"

I said hello, Eugene
Are you there, Eugene

I said hello (hello), Eugene (Eugene)
Eugene (Eugene)
Eugene (oh yeah)

I said hello (hello), Eugene
Are you there, Eugene (tell me are you there)

I said hello (hello), Eugene (Eugene)
Eugene (Eugene)
Eugene (tell me oh)

I said hello (hello), Eugene (Eugene)
Does any of this ring a bell, Eugene?
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Pink Martini - Hey, Eugene!
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