postera crescam laude -> I shall grow in the esteem of future generations (Horace, Odes 3.30.8)

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postera crescam laude -> we grow in the esteem of future generations

Motto of the University of Melbourne.

Wikipedia—List of Latin phrases
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This is from the last Ode of the third book, where Horace famously proclaims that his poems will make him immortal:  "I have raised a monument more lasting than bronze,/ taller than the pyramids' regal reach,/ which corroding rains and the north wind's empty blast/ cannot destroy, nor the endless/ procession of years and the flight of time./  I shall not altogether die, and a great part of me/ will evade the dread goddess:  usque ego postera/ crescam laude recens (what's more, fresh with posterity's praise, I shall grow) ... "
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