10 Ways to Turn Your Local Business Into a Global Success


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by Jani Penttinen

Today’s Internet represents a momentous age in the history of global commerce. Never before have so many people met in one, international marketplace. It has never been so easy to reach so many people.

Yet, as tantalizing as a market of billions sounds, surprisingly few brands make the effort to seriously compete on a global scale. An English webpage is not enough: just because people in Austria or Zambia can access your website and recognize some of the words, doesn’t mean they will choose you over a local competitor who speaks their language. Winning customers around the world requires something more.

Companies like Groupon are global enterprises worth billions mostly because they compete like locals. The good news is that this no longer requires a massive marketing budget. With a few simple changes you can turn your local success story into a global phenomenon.

Here are 10 tips to target people everywhere, take your website global, and (just maybe) take over the world: http://mashable.com/2011/03/01/take-business-global/
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