New Russian Literature Translation Institute Established


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New Russian Literature Translation Institute Established

A newly established translation institute that will manage special translation projects will be overseen by Ekaterina Genieva, head of the Russian State Library for Foreign Literature. Genieva says the new institute's objective is to boost the quality of the translation and improve the profession's status. She adds that the project "offers trips, grants, and aid from cultural centers and foundations in different countries to assist translators." She points out that to a certain degree the choice of the literature to be translated is left up to the translator. "In other words, if there's money, translate what you want," Genieva says. "A reputable publishing house would employ only the best professionals and thus guarantee high quality translations." Genieva contends that translation is greatly influenced by the realities of the nation where a work is written. She stresses that translators need "government support, taking translation rates seriously, support for young translators, and a greater interest in what you do" to improve their qualifications.

From "Russian Translators Interpret More Than Just Words"
Oye Times (Canada) (09/27/10) Shabaeva, Tatiana

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - October 2010
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