Author Topic: Wales Launches Interpreting and Translation Service  (Read 511 times)


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Wales Launches Interpreting and Translation Service
« on: 14 Mar, 2011, 22:56:57 »
Wales Launches Interpreting and Translation Service

The Wales Interpretation and Translation Service (WITS) was recently launched at the National Assembly for Wales. WITS will supply around-the-clock interpreting and translation services in foreign languages, Welsh, and British Sign Language to various public entities who have requests for such services through their areas of work. The WITS project was established through a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government and a contribution from Cardiff Council and Gwent Police. "WITS ... provides quality interpreters and translators who have been security vetted to national police employment standards and assessed and trained in professional interpreting," says Project Leader Chief Inspector Tony Wilcox with the Gwent Police. Social Justice and Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant says that WITS "is invaluable, helping people to understand their local community and encouraging social inclusion." He believes that it is critical that people achieve an understanding of their community and how it functions. "Understanding makes integration easier, and also ensures that vulnerable newcomers are not exploited or that a lack of information does not raise tensions with neighbors," Sargeant says. Wilcox notes that WITS offers financial benefits for public bodies that participate in the scheme, including reduced "traveling costs of interpreters as WITS trains local interpreters where possible."

From "WITS Launched"
News Wales (Wales) (10/13/10)

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - October 2010