Author Topic: Δημήτριος Γλαύκου προφητεύων ἀνέθηκε τοὺς λαμπαδηφόρους ... καὶ περιραντήρια ... -> Demetrius son of Glaukos, being prophet, dedicated torch-bearers ... and lustral basins ...  (Read 1547 times)


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Δημήτριος Γλαύκου προφητεων ἀνέθηκε τοὺς λαμπαδηφόρους ἀνδριάντας καὶ περιπαντήρια δύο ἐν τῷ τοῦ Ἀπόλλωνος τοῦ Διδυμέως

Demetrios son of Glaucos, being prophet, dedicated this statue of torch-bearers? and ? in the inner temple of Apollo of Didyma.

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There are, it appears, a couple of misprints here.  Instead of προφητεων, we should probably read προφητεύων, "holding the office of divine interpreter (προφήτης)."  And instead of περιπαντήρια, περιραντήρια, "lustral basins."  The περιρραντήριον (usually spelled with four rhos) resembled a fancy bird bath:  see (figs. 19 & 20).  So:

"Demetrius son of Glaucus, being προφήτης, dedicated the torchbearer-statues and two lustral basins in the temple of Apollo of Didyma."
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