Author Topic: Ω πολίται, μη έχετε άλλα μεν ρήματα άλλα δε νοήματα. Πού μοι τα ρόδα, πού μοι τα ία.  (Read 1761 times)


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I found these two phrases. I can understand some ancient greek, but this one is really difficult for me cause I'm not Greek. Can someone help me with that?
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(Katy, we need to emend δεν to μεν.)
Roughly: "O citizens, don't speak one way and think another way" and "Where are my roses, where are my violets?"
Can you tell us where you found these phrases?
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Τί δέ τις; Τί δ' οὔ τις; Σκιᾶς ὄναρ ἄνθρωπος. — Πίνδαρος