got your back -> φυλάττω τα νώτα σου, φυλάω τα νώτα σου


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I am making a piece of jewelry that needs to say "got your back"
  in context of " I have got your back"

   He is a bible scholar and is familiar with Greek -- I am not...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. 
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I believe that this is something rather intiment so in this case I would say "Θα σε στηρίζω πάντα" or "Πάντα στο πλευρό σου". The direct translation sounds like soldier slang in Greek.


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One more thing. You said that he is α Bible scholar so maybe you seek a religious relief like "Φύλαξον με υπο τη σκέπη σου" or similar.


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What you are looking for may be Φυλάττω τα νώτα σου (I protect your rear). Νώτα is someone's back, and it goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. In Thucydides we read κατά νώτου βοηθούντας (providing help in a battle by covering the rear of someone's army).


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