Tell him [Barbra Streisand & Celine Dion] (lyrics and video clip)

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"Tell Him" is a duet between Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion. It was released as the first single from Dion's Let's Talk About Love and Streisand's Higher Ground album, on November 3, 1997.

On March 24, 1997 Céline Dion became the first artist ever to perform twice on the same Academy Awards night. In addition to singing "Because You Loved Me," she also sang "I Finally Found Someone" from the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces (recorded by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams). Streisand preferred not to perform that night and Natalie Cole had been scheduled to sing her song instead. But Cole pulled out and two days before the Oscar night, Céline Dion was asked if she could do it. Although nervous, she accepted and managed to perform on the night.

A few days later, Streisand sent Dion flowers and a note: "I watched the tape afterwards, you sang my song beautifully and I regret I wasn't in the room to hear you, next time let's make one together. I really wish your song would have won, you are a wonderful singer." That note wasn't left without an answer and René Angélil called up David Foster to write a song for them, and the result was "Tell Him."

On October 7, 1997 "Tell Him" had its first runs on the United States radio waves. This duet was rejected however by non-Adult Contemporary radio stations. Even if the song was a large Adult Contemporary hit, Sony Music cancelled the U.S. single release, because it didn't have a broad enough support to put the song on top of the charts. However, "Tell Him" was a huge hit outside the U.S.

Ένα κυριολεκτικά σπουδαίο και λαμπερό ντουέτο από τις δύο κυρίες:

Tell him

by Linda Thompson, Walter Afanasieff, David Foster

I'm scared
So afraid to show I care
Will he think me weak
If I tremble when I speak
Oooh - what if
There's another one he's thinking of
Maybe he's in love
I'd feel like a fool
Life can be so cruel
I don't know what to do

I've been there
With my heart out in my hand
But what you must understand
You can't let the chance
To love him pass you by

Should I

Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper
Tender words so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself

Touch him
With the gentleness you feel inside
Your love can't be denied
The truth will set you free
You'll have what's mean to be
All in time you'll see

I love him
Of that much I can be sure
I don't think I could endure
If I let him walk away
When I have so much to say

Love is light that surely glows
In the hearts of those who know
It's a steady flame that grows
Feed the fire
with all the passion you can show
Tonight love will assume its place
This memory time cannot erase
Blind faith will lead love where it has to go

Never let him go
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Πρώτη φορά άκουσα αυτό το κομμάτι. Όντως, πολύ δυνατές ερμηνείες και οι δυό τους (νομίζω ο τόνος εδώ ισχύει επειδή ακολουθεί το τους, ή αυτός είναι κανόνας του πολυτονικού για τη βαρεία;)
Χωρίς να είμαι ειδικός, έχω την εντύπωση πως η Barbra είναι μια οκτάβα πιο κάτω από τη Celine, ίσως δε γι' αυτό να είναι πιο εκφραστική και πιο ζεστή η ερμηνεία της.
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Κι εγώ έτσι νομίζω χωρίς να ξέρω από θεωρία μουσικής. Στα σημεία που παίρνει τη λέξη/φράση από τα χείλη της Dion, με μαγεύει.

Όχι, δεν χρειάζεται ο τόνος και μάλιστα αφού η φράση σου τελειώνει εκεί. Δεν υπάρχει περίπτωση παρερμηνείας ή παρανόησης αυτού που λες, οπότε ο τόνος δεν βοηθάει σε τίποτε.


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Αποχωρώ Βικούλα! Η αυριανή θα είναι άλλη μία γεμάτη μέρα... Καλή συνέχεια και καλή ξεκούραση!
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Καλή ξεκούραση. Σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ και πάλι.

Και καλό κουράγιο το πρωί.:-)
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