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Microsoft Language Portal - multilingual Microsoft terminology, dictionaries, corpora on-line

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Microsoft Language Portal enables individuals and communities around the world to interact with each other and with Microsoft’s language specialists on matters related to computer terminology. The site contains valuable language-related tools and resources that will foster local innovation, increase opportunities, and support language professionals and customers world-wide: It allows site visitors to search terminology in over 90 languages, download style guides for more than 30 languages, and give us feedback on any term used in our products. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What a treat! They should have done this ages ago...

How to create a URL with search results:

--- Code: ---http://www.microsoft.com/language/xx/xx/search.mspx?sString=compose&;langID=el-gr
--- End code ---
This URL searches for compose (English-Greek)

--- Code: ---http://www.microsoft.com/language/xx/xx/search.mspx?sString=log+file&;langID=fr-fr
--- End code ---
This URL searches for log file (English-French)

or simply search using the "Microsoft glossaries" link from the top right of the forum.

Indeed ... but better late than never ;)

And, of course, thank you very much for sharing (as always).

Resources like these are to be shared.... and I am always happy to share it with the gang :)

Και για να πω άλλη μια φορά αυτό που ξεχνάνε πολλοί "συνάδελφοι"
αν δεν καώ εγώ
αν δεν καείς εσύ
πώς θα γενούνε τα σκοτάδια λάμψη;
(φυσικά αυτό δεν είναι δικό μου ... αλλά του Ναζίμ Χικμέτ)
Το να κρατήσω μία τέτοια πηγή κρυφή μόνο για να "κάνω το κομμάτι μου" και να φανώ "φωστήρας" δεν είναι του χαρακτήρα μου. Αυτό το αφήνω να το κάνουν άλλοι .... (και όποιος έχει τη μύγα ... να τη φέρει πίσω)


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