destroy the old to build the new -> καταστρέψτε τα παλιά για να χτίσουμε καινούρια

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I'm a screenwriter looking for this as a motto in a movie scene--not in Greek letters, but in the kind of transliteration seen on college sweatshirts.  Many thanks for your help--there are some great turns of phrase just in this thread alone!
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Well, literally it would be "Katastrepste ta palia gia na xtisoume ta kainouria".

However, more "poetically" and to make more powerful sense in modern Greek, I would say "Sti staxti ta palia gia na xtisoume kainouria" or "Sti staxti to parel8on gia xari tou mellontos" or "Kapste to parelthon gia na xtisoume to mellon"
(i.e. burn the past to build the future). I would prefer the last one.

Happy New Year to you "a_boyer"!!!


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