Greek translation of Mini Bulletin Board (minibb)

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Minibb translated

Today I completed my editing / tests of the Greek translation as well as the testing of the actual application.

I ran minibb with UTF-8 and its performance was amazing! The only thing that went wrong is corrupting the last character in some cases in search results. Contrary to SMF RC2 which I have been testing the last couple of days after adding the missing RC2 language strings for the Greek translation, which appears to have major problems with UTF-8).

A note here: if you want it to display all unicode characters properly in all browsers change the style sheet font declarations to Arial Unicode MS.

The attached file contains two versions: one which is saved as UTF-8 and another as Windows-1253 (as well as the translated mail templates).

Enjoy this super fast html valid application (although I wish they made it xhtml valid in a forthcoming version).
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