will power -> δύναμη της θέλησης, δύναμη θέλησης, δύναμη θελήσεως, δύναμη της βούλησης, θέληση, αυτοκυριαρχία, θεληματικότητα

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The strength of will(power) -> η δύναμη της θέλησης

Hello folks,

I'm trying to design a possible tatoo as a birthday present and am (obviously) looking for a translation for these phrases...

Strength through will.


The strength of will.

(will as in "will power")

If possible, I'd like to get both phrases in modern and ancient Greek, written in Greek characters.

So far I've been able to find these...

δύναμη της θέλησης.

δύναμη του θα.

θεληματικότητα, δύναμη

...but I don't know the grammar, and would hate to make a mistake on something so permanent.

I'd really appreciate any help, as I've been kind of lost trying to do this on my own.


- Jesse
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I can't think of a standard Greek collocation for "strength through will (power)", not that it is very common in English either.

The strength of will (or: will power) is:

η δύναμις της θελήσεως
(in ancient Greek)
η δύναμη της θέλησης (got that one right)
(in modern Greek)

I suggest you go for either of those two.

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Thank you so much for your help, Nickel!

If anybody wants to take a stab at the other phrase, be my guest, but this has been extremely helpful!
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