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Astérix chez les Bretons | Asterix in Britain

Directed by: Laurent Tirard
Release Date: October 2012

[...]After playing Edifis' faithful scribe Otis in Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Edouard Baer now comes for another taste of the magic potion in the role of Asterix. The first screen tests with his sidekick Gérard Depardieu as Obelix brought down the house. The pair work marvellously together and bring the most famous cartoon friendship to life brilliantly on the big screen!

The movie world's one and only authentic Obelix! Imagining Obelix in the movies without Gérard Depardieu is like a potion without magic, like an Asterix adventure with no Romans to take the wallops…. Obelix is back, wild boars and legionaries beware!

Enormous! After Beaumarchais and Percival, Fabrice Luchini is promoted to incarnate the master of Rome, Julius Caesar in person. His objective: invade Britain! Fabrice Luchini has confessed he loves the script. We're licking our chops already!

The Queen of French cinema as the Queen of Britain, now there's a square casting hit! Smoothly alternating between comedies and art house films, the unclassifiable Catherine Deneuve now makes an incursion into the world of Asterix to grace it with her talent.

A member of the Comédie Française to play Asterix' Briton first cousin is a class act, isn't it? The most phlegmatic of the Indomitables, with his rich tailor and stiff upper lip, is going to need quite a bit of class!

Justforkix is passing through the Village. Vincent Lacoste, noted in Beaux Gosses of the eponymous film, brilliantly incarnates the sparkling Lutetian, himself the beauty boy of the Adventures of Asterix. Hearts will throb among the Gaulish girls!

In the Britain of 50 B.C., there's no bending the rules of proper living! Valérie Lemercier will take on the task of making Obelix an authentic gentleman worthy of the Queen's best subjects.

Canal + TV's weather woman, Charlotte le Bon, blows hot and cold on her TV audience every evening, and they come back asking for more! Great news: 2012 will bring her to us as a ravishing young Brit with a charm that is sure to turn our heroes' heads![...]

Source: asterix.com_news

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