Sara Teasdale, Faults (Σάρα Τίσντεϊλ: Ψεγάδια, μετάφραση: Κρυσταλλία Κατσαρού)


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Sara Teasdale, Faults (Σάρα Τίσντεϊλ: Ψεγάδια, μετάφραση: Κρυσταλλία Κατσαρού)

Sara Teasdale

They came to tell your faults to me,
They named them over one by one;
I laughed aloud when they were done,
I knew them all so well before, —
Oh, they were blind, too blind to see
Your faults had made me love you more.
Σάρα Τίσντεϊλ (μετάφραση: Κρυσταλλία Κατσαρού)

Ήρθαν να μου μιλήσουν για τα ψεγάδια σου
Όνομα τους έδωσαν για άλλη μια φορά, ένα προς ένα
Μόλις τελείωσαν γέλασα δυνατά
Τα γνώριζα όλα ήδη τόσο καλά —
Μα δεν μπορούσαν, ειλικρινά δεν μπορούσαν να καταλάβουν
Πως τα ψεγάδια σου ήταν αυτά
Που μ’ έκαναν να σ’ αγαπήσω ακόμη πιο βαθιά.  

Sara Teasdale
received public admiration for her well-crafted lyrical poetry which centered on a woman's changing perspectives on beauty, love, and death. Many of Teasdale's poems chart developments in her own life, from her experiences as a sheltered young woman in St. Louis, to those as a successful yet increasingly uneasy writer in New York City, to a depressed and disillusioned person who would commit suicide in 1933. Although many later critics would not consider Teasdale a major poet, she was popular in her lifetime with both the public and critics. She won the first Columbia Poetry Prize in 1918, a prize that would later be renamed the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

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