I salute you -> σε παραδέχομαι, σου βγάζω το καπέλο, σε χαιρετίζω, σου απευθύνω χαιρετισμό, σας απευθύνω χαιρετισμό, σας χαιρετώ


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I salute you -> σε παραδέχομαι, σου βγάζω το καπέλο

Charles, I salute you
Credit where credit’s due, it was a great effort by the Prince of Wales in Afghanistan.
He could easily have met a few politicians in Kabul and shaken hands with British troops at the main base in Helmand province.
But no, he donned the full combat gear, jumped into a helicopter and flew off to the front line. He’s taken a lot of flak over the years but thankfully none on this trip! He was right to go and should be applauded for it.
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σε χαιρετίζω

from Latin salutare "to greet"; literally, "wish health to," from salus (gen. salutis) "greeting, good health", related to salvus "safe".
salute (plural salutes)
A formal gesture done in honor of someone or something, usually with the hand or hands in one of various particular positions.
The soldiers greeted the dignitaries with a crisp salute.
Any action done for the purpose of honor or tribute .
The orchestra performed the concert as a salute to Gershwin.


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