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Call for Course Proposals

2007 Summer Linguistic Institute

Stanford University

Stanford, CA, July 2-27, 2007


The theme of the 2007 Linguistic Society of America summer institute, `Empirical Foundations for Theories of Language', takes its inspiration from Weinreich, Labov and Herzog (1968) `Empirical Foundations for a Theory of Language Change'. The institute will be organized around emerging directions of linguistic research, showcasing new methodologies which complement or enhance existing ones, with the goal of enhancing the grounding of linguistic theory in all parts of the field. The curricular content of the institute aims to inspire the broadening and clarification of the empirical basis of our field, leading directly to the refinement of existing theoretical models or the development of new ones.

We are also interested in offering courses which cross the boundaries of traditional subfields of linguistics, many of which have been drawn because of historical accident or technological limitations. As research refocuses itself around new core areas, a redefinition of some of the main theoretical issues within the field is to be expected.

For these reasons, we especially seek courses aimed at opening up new lines of inquiry, rather than surveying the generally-accepted state of the art in the field.  In addition to courses taught by faculty invited by the institute's organizing committee, we will also include courses obtained by the proposal solicitation process described below. The proposal evaluation committee (see below) includes scholars from diverse academic institutions.

The institute will take place from July 2nd to July 27th, 2007 at Stanford University; there will be 4 teaching weeks, and most classes will consist of 8 105-minute meetings.  Faculty who teach at the 2007 institute will each receive a living stipend, and reasonable travel costs. To supplement these, we are seeking additional funds to provide a modest honorarium, per course.

We therefore solicit proposals for courses, in any area of the field, conforming to these guidelines:

Course Descriptions
Please provide the following information.  Each submission should be a single pdf file.
(1) Title of course.
(2) Instructor(s): name, current affiliation, current title, year and institution of Ph.D.
(3) Brief CV(s), including description of teaching experience (noting, where relevant, connection to the proposed course). An explicit rationale should be provided if more than 2 instructors are proposed.
(4) Description of course content (1-2 pages), including a statement of the course's relevance to the theme of the institute. An additional 1-page reading list is desirable.
(5) Tentative outline of course schedule (8 x 105-minute sessions).
(6) Prerequisites for students in the course (these must be explicitly given in every course proposal).
(7) Maximum enrollment (if relevant). (see below)
(8) Ideal companion courses or synergistic activities. (see below)

Final deadline for receipt of proposals:  March 15, 2006.

We anticipate notification in early summer 2006.

Additional Information
Some courses may be limited in size due to technical needs (e.g., available lab space) or inherent content (e.g., being labor-intensive for the instructor).

The last category above, `ideal companion courses or synergistic activities' is for planning purposes - certain courses would naturally complement other ones, for example, or certain courses may naturally lead to a workshop, or one-day presentation session, which would enhance the intellectual activity of the institute.

Please send enquiries and proposals to: linginst07prop@stanford.edu <mailto:linginst07prop@stanford.edu>.

Institute website:  http://linginst07.stanford.edu
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