Esi pos ta pas me ton .....?

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Esi pos ta pas me ton .....? Sigoura tha stazete meli.....!!!!! Pravo
etsi na stazete... aksizi ton kopo

I hope someone can translate this for me.

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How do you get on with...? Surely you should get on really well. Well done... that is the way you should be... it is worth the trouble.

What If ...?

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I suggest:
"Surely you should be honey-sweet with each other."
instead of
"Surely you should get on really well."

adj. honey-sweet=sweet as honey (example: honey-sweet voice.)

I'm LOL at the subject! Some of us don't find it funny anyway
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Esi pos ta pas me ton .....?                               
  And you? How are you getting on with....   ?

Sigoura tha stazete meli.....!!!!!

You must be getting on like a house on fire! or You must be all sweetness and light!

Pravo    etsi na stazete...

Good for you, that's the way to go /be.... (depending on above)

aksizi ton kopo

it's worth all the work/it's well worth the trouble....

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