Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability Workshop, at Coling-ACL 2006

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 Call for Papers

                      Post COLING/ACL-2006 Workshop:

            Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability

                  Sydney, Australia    July 23rd, 2006

MLRI06: Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability

In an ever-expanding information society, most information systems are
now facing the "multilingual challenge". Lexical resources play an
essential role in these information systems. Such lexical resources
to provide information on many languages in a common framework and
should be (re)usable in many applications (for automatic or human

This workshop aims at bringing together research on using and building
different language resources, such as lexicons, (Semantic Web)
tagsets, annotation schemes etc., to achieve multilingual

We welcome submissions on recent and innovative work involving such
multilingual ressources. Submissions should focus on any of the
following topics:

    -     models for language/application-independent linguistic data,
    -     multilingual linguistic data acquisition and maintenance,
    -     interaction between different kinds of resources (lexicons,
          corpora, ontologies, etc.) for different languages,
    -     lexical architectures to link data between languages
    -     Internationalization of annotations and representations
    -     use of linguistic resources for applications in a
    -     multilingual
    -     reuse of existing lexical resources in a specific
    -     multilingual
    -     human use of lexical resources in a multilingual context
    -     quality evaluation of multilingual data
    -     standardization issues

We welcome submissions concerning multilingual language resources of
kind. However, special attention will be given to submissions
uses of XML to achieve multilingual interoperability. Moreover, as the
workshop takes place in Australia, special attention will also be
to submissions on resources involving Asian or Australian lesser-used

The intent of the workshop is not only to review academic developments
but also to hear from industry, how these resources are used in new
technology developments and what the current needs are in the field.
Presentations, project notes and position papers are welcome.


Submissions should follow the two-column format of ACL proceedings and
should not exceed eight (8) pages, including references. We strongly
recommend the use of the LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word document
template that will be made available on the COLING/ACL onference Web
site. A description of the required format will be made available to
those who are unable to make direct use of these style files.

Submission will be electronic. The only accepted format for submitted
papers is Adobe PDF. The papers must be submitted no later than April
2006. Papers submitted after that time will not be reviewed. For
of the submission procedure, please consult the submission webpage
reachable via the workshop website.

Questions regarding the submission procedure should be directed to the
Program Co-Chairs (,


Deadline for submission of Papers:  April 3, 2006
Notification of Acceptance:  May 2, 2006
Deadline for final paper submission:  May 22, 2006

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