love -> αγάπη, έρωτας, έρως, στοργή, σεξουαλικό πάθος, σεξουαλικός πόθος, χριστιανική αγάπη, καλωσύνη, καλοσύνη, το αντικείμενο της αγάπης, ελκυστικό πρόσωπο, μηδέν, ο θεός Έρωτας, αγαπάω, αγαπώ, μου αρέσει πολύ

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does agapi mean "love" in general, or does it mean somethign like unconditional love? and the accent over the second "a" points to the right, right? thanks
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We could start with the three basic words that have been used for at least the last three thousand years:
Agape means love in general, devotion.
Ero(ta)s means desire, sexual love, carnal love.
Storge means tender affection.

Notes on pronunciation: 
All final 'e's are sounded like "ee."
Bold vowels are accented.


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love -> αγάπη ή έρωτας (agape or Eros)

Hey guys. 

I am very in love with this girl and we been going for awhile and i want to make her something for her birthday.  We have kinda planned one day to live in greece as she loves greece and so i want to add a greek word for love. This is what i have reseached:

Agape is for communal love.  Love for your fellow man - BUT i have found some reference to this being the type of love that is selfless and complete and love of the soul of your soul mate

Eros is more of your erotic passionate love.  More physical.

So what is right and what word would i use.  I mean i dont want to be all about physical because it is so much more than that.  What word or phrase in greek would you reccomend. 

Also i have found an ancientsymbol of love with two s shapes back to backin a oval shape.  what is this called and is this the correct symbol.

Some of these questions may seem abit stupid but i hope you guys can help me and really appreciate the help.

Cheers Aaron
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Hi Aaron,

we cannot tell you which one to choose.

Eros or Agape..? It can mean different things to different people in different times and contexts.

I would use Agape (Αγάπη), as it is all-inclusive.

But the final choice is yours.
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Thanks for your reply bud.  didnt want to use Agape in the wrong sense of the word.  Is it jus that it can be interpreted different ways in differnet situations.

Alos about the symbols i found these but they are from a jeweler and was wonder whehter they are accurate because i cant find the symbol anywhere else on the net.  Does the symbol have a name.  The links below are what the symbols look like

Cheers guys.  Thanks for all the help.
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