A Shortcut to Remember (especially if you're a Vista user) [Ctrl+Alt+Delete]

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A Shortcut to Remember (especially if you're a Vista user)

Q: What was the most well-known shortcut in the Dark and Gloomy Windows World?

A: 2 x Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Remember those truly dark and scary Windows 95, 98, and ME days? Oh, how often did I have to push that keyboard shortcut to restart my computer?! Truth be told, I haven't done that for a while. It's not that I haven't crashed with applications here and there since starting to use Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Windows Vista is unfortunately a whole different story . . .), but the operating system has been relatively stable. Plus, an application crash typically does not warrant a system reboot anymore. Still, the Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut is still an honored favorite when you want to view the Task Manager to find out what in the world is making the system so sluggish. (Of course, you could also start the Task Manager via a right-click command on the Taskbar, but who wants to aggravate the looming carpal tunnel syndrome by over-using the mouse?)

Still, there are two problems with this shortcut: If you use your right hand to do something else -- such as holding a phone receiver or playing with your cat -- it's hard to push that combo unless you have enormous hands. And on Windows Vista it brings up a whole menu of options that you need to sort through to choose your Task Manager -- lots of wasted effort.

So here's the alternative: How about Ctrl+Shift+Esc? It can be done with one hand -- even a child's hand -- and in Windows Vista it bypasses the annoying options menu.

Source: Jost Zetzsche's 118th Tool Kit - Standard Edition
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