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I was wondering if anybody knew what the translation of the girl's name 'Charlotte' would be into Greek? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Calico xxxx
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nickel, the stress is on the 'a', so I would suggest Σάρλοττ.
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Sorry, Leon, I was thinking more along the lines of the French name than the English pronunciation (more Charlotte Corday than Charlotte Bronte), though you will find that Bronte or Rampling more often go with Σαρλότ than Σάρλοτ, probably because we are not used to the English pronunciation of French names.

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Η απόδοση στα ελληνικά του ονόματος της νεαρής πριγκίπισσας είναι Καρλόττα.
Σάρλοτ Ελίζαμπεθ Νταϊάνα το όνομα του δεύτερου «βασιλικού μωρού» |

On behalf of the small but growing cohort of non-royal Charlottes, thank you for teaching the world how to spell our name. We may soon be free of the scourge of “good guesses” like Charlot, Sharlet, and Sherlit. It’s one small step for a baby, one giant leap for Charlotte-kind, and one big lesson for Starbucks baristas.
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