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Are you a professional translator?

Memopal is the online backup solution that fits your needs!


Memopal will protect your files, saving them on an online disk
that you can access with password from any browser.

Memopal gives you a professional way to send files too big for email (one click sharing) .

Now You can try Memopal for Free:

    * Windows XP and 2000 Version
    * Windows Vista Version
    * Mac Version (beta)

More Info

Memopal COSTS LESS than a backup drive but gives much SIMPLER ACCESS and PROTECTION to your current and old files wherever you are.

The solution consists in software installed on your PC that creates online mirrors of all your PCs. You can search and access your files wherever you are through any browser or FTP interface.
Key points:

    * 150 Gbytes of (remote) disk space
    * Send BIG files with one click
    * Keep track of all versions of files (you can download an older version of a file)
    * Google-like search on all your files
    * Fast way to send customers large files which are unsuitable for email
    * Fully automatic (but you decide what folders to backup!)

Memopal one year subscription only cost €49 Euro ($49 USD) VAT included

Download Memopal!


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