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"non-zero-sum game" -> "παίγνιο μη μηδενικού αθροίσματος", "παιχνίδι μη μηδενικού αθροίσματος"

The theory of zero-sum games is vastly different from that of non-zero-sum games because an optimal solution can always be found. However, this hardly represents the conflicts faced in the everyday world. Problems in the real world do not usually have straightforward results. The branch of Game Theory that better represents the dynamics of the world we live in is called the theory of non-zero-sum games. Non-zero-sum games differ from zero-sum games in that there is no universally accepted solution. That is, there is no single optimal strategy that is preferable to all others, nor is there a predictable outcome. Non-zero-sum games are also non-strictly competitive, as opposed to the completely competitive zero-sum games, because such games generally have both competitive and cooperative elements. Players engaged in a non-zero sum conflict have some complementary interests and some interests that are completely opposed.

Many games studied by game theorists (including the infamous prisoner's dilemma) are non-zero-sum games, because some outcomes have net results greater or less than zero. Informally, in non-zero-sum games, a gain by one player does not necessarily correspond with a loss by another.

Είναι σαφές ότι, στον συγκεκριμένο χώρο (θεωρία παιγνίων), η καθιερωμένη απόδοση του game είναι το παίγνιο:
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zero-sum game -> παίγνιο μηδενικού αθροίσματος, παιχνίδι μηδενικού αθροίσματος