Aaron Woods -> Ααρών Υλαίος, Ααρών Ξυλάς

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Just wanted to know how my name is spelled in ancient greek writiing or what it translates to?
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Aaron = In the Old Testament, the name is that of the son of Levi and elder brother of Moses who was the first high priest of the Israelites. It represents Hebrew Aharon, probably meaning "bright".

Wood, Woods = This common surname was originally used for a person who lived in or near a wood, or who was a woodcutter or forester. In some cases it derives from Old English wod, "mad", so was a nickname for a crazy or eccentric person.

[From the Cassell Dictionary of Proper Names]

In the Septuagint, Aaron is Ααρών. I'm not familar with any ancient Greek names comparable to Wood(s). In modern Greek the surname Ξυλάς (from ξύλον = wood) means "a wood merchant".


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Your corresponding ancient Greek surname might be "Υλαίος" (one living in woods, wild).
But of course you cannot find it along with your Jewish first name (A.Y) in ancient Greek context. As a modern name today, it's absolutely acceptable.


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